The Deceit of Riches Trilogy, which features The Deceit of Riches, From the Rooftops, and October Revelations, is now available in ebook and print form.

BOOK 1: WINNER OF THE NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARD AND FINALIST IN THE NGIBA. THIS DEBUT NOVEL follows the movements of an over-curious american student, PETER TURNER, as he awakens the wrath of maffia and SECRET POLICE by researching their circles in post-soviet russia. Click on book image to read an excerpt.

BOOK 2: the collaboration of peter turner and intelligence agent del sanning continues as they team up with a romanian banker to root out the ellusive boss of an international crime ring. Click on book image to read an excerpt.

BOOK 3: (NEWLY RELEASED) when the attempted murder of a russian journalist brings sinister motives within the President’s Inner Circle to light, peter turner has no choice but to become involved.

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V M Karren is the award winning author of The Deceit of Riches Series, which currently includes two historical fiction/suspense novels: The Deceit of Riches and From the Rooftops. He also penned a collection of daring short travel stories, The Tales of a Fly-By-Night. Read More…

Maidan Square, Kiev, Ukraine 1993
Maidan Square, Kiev, Ukraine 1993

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