The Deceit of Riches was named Finalist by the Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2019 in the Category of General Fiction (80,000+ words). The novel also won the National Indie Book Awards in 2019 in the categories of Faction (fiction based on fact), and Political Thriller.

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A senior Russian military engineer is murdered. Was it international espionage or was it treason? In the new Russia not everything is as it seems. Amid the chaos of the sudden collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, corruption and hidden agendas at the highest levels of both government and industry have replaced law and order in the modern Russian revolution.

Peter Turner, an American student in Russia hoping to document a new chapter of history in the making, uncovers a murderous shadow network of extortion, money laundering, and espionage, and must get out of Russia before the KGB and the gangsters catch up with him again to silence him for good. In a twisting plot of escalating threats and high stakes revelations Peter must either trust those who set him up, or face those he has exposed. In a harrowing situation where morals are relative and the only choice is between two evils, self-preservation is not as instinctive as one might think.


From the Rooftops is the sequel to The Deceit of Riches. The author has carried the action of The Deceit of Riches into the lands of Romania, Moldova and Ukraine, with stints in Italy and Belgium, making it a truly international thriller.

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1989. After popular protests are attacked by government snipers, the people of Romania capture and execute their communist dictator, and democratic Romania is reborn. The heroes of this revolution are students, miners, a poet and even Bucharest’s children. After decades of terror and oppression, the elation of new-found freedom rings through the land.

Less than ten years after her courageous march for freedom in Bucharest, a young banker finds herself caught up in the corruption that has flourished in Romania’s transition from communism to a free market. After the mysterious death of her fiancé, her suspicions lead her to take daring steps to expose the new tyrants of the criminal networks behind the scenes and take a stand for her family and country. The information she provides catches the attention of Peter Turner and Del Sanning (The Deceit of Riches), and together they form a common quest to bring down Eastern Europe’s most evil and elusive criminal.

From the peaceful hills and peasant life of northern Romania, to the crumbling urban jungle of Bucharest; from Kiev’s golden domes to the Black Sea port of Odessa, Ukraine, V M Karren uses his masterful insight into Eastern Europe’s reformation and the international criminal networks that besieged it, to weave a story of loyalty, courage and freedom you will not soon forget.


October Revelations is Book 3 in The Deceit of Riches Trilogy. In this book, Karren has taken the action back to Russia, to the metropolises of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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A woman with a mission trades her safety for the truth.

The dust from of the fall of the Soviet Union is still settling, and Yulia Krasnova is going to make sure it lands where it should.

When a car bomb in Moscow explodes, the scene is set for a hunt; but the intended victim–a journalist who has already begun to expose the illicit crimes of top officials of the Russian government–remains un-hit. Now thugs from the Kremlin are ready to do whatever is needed to silence the woman who has put their lives, reputations, and illegal empires in jeopardy.

The third book in The Deceit of Riches Series, V M Karren’s historical thriller saga, October Revelations reunites characters from the past two books in order to expose past crimes that have jeopardized the Russian nation, hold the corrupt accountable, and intercept horrific schemes. A fast-paced, mind-bending chase, this novel will raise your adrenaline levels!